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Reactive Programming with Java 8
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Java developers face many challenges: complex distributed systems, high expectations for responsiveness and performance, and more users and data than ever before. Reactive programming offers a solution. Follow along with instructor Chris Anatalio and learn how to write asynchronous, concurrent, and resilient applications in Java 8 using popular reactive frameworks such as RxJava and Akka. Learn how to pair reactive programming with functional programming, which breaks software into small modular pieces made up of functions that reduce cognitive load and complexity. Chris then surveys five major reactive frameworks—RxJava, Akka, Vert.x, Reactive Streams, and Spring 5.0—and selects two, RxJava and Akka, to demo. Learn how to use each framework to bootstrap apps as well as build complete applications from scratch. In the final chapters, Chris shows how to write unit tests for RxJava and Akka applications and reviews the final projects.

Topics include:

Reactive programming concepts and techniques Functional programming concepts and techniques Overview of popular reactive frameworks Building an RxJava application Building an Akka application Unit testing with Akka and RxJava

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